Filey motorists assured roads will improve

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FILEY motorists driven to despair by pothole woes have been assured roads will improve – just days after another driver from the town damaged a wheel on a huge crater.

Nick West, North Yorkshire County Council’s Area Highways Manager, told a Filey Town Council meeting he understood residents’ frustrations but added the authority was hamstrung by financial constraints and a severe backlog of repairs.

The problems were brought to the fore again when Lesley Reeves, of Thorntree Avenue, saw her car fail its MOT after a pothole near the Cayton Low Road damaged an alloy wheel.

She has submitted a compensation claim to Scarborough Council.

She added: “It was dark so I didn’t see the pothole but I heard a huge bang and felt the wheel going into something.

“Then I took the car for its MOT and it failed because of the wheel alignments being out.

“I know it was fine before that because I’d had three new tyres put on just a few weeks ago in readiness for the MOT.

“I’m hoping the council will pay out.”

Ms Reeves, who works at Scarborough College, said she was worried about the dangers of potholes.

She added: “If you’re on a motorbike it must be terrifying to be faced with these potholes.

“I think they should have been sorted out by now, but there are still quite a few big ones.

“It’s more damage to cars just waiting to happen.

“At the moment people are really cash strapped so the last thing they need is to fork out for something like that.

“My car would have sailed through its MOT, but it’s only because it was due so soon after I hit the pothole that could pin-point when it was damaged.

“I’m hoping the council will pay out.”

Mr West said the authority was committed to improvements and motorists should see a difference in the coming weeks.

He said: “The roads have been battered after that six weeks of snow and ice when temperatures dropped to around -15C.

“I have had a good look around Filey, there are still some potholes that need repairing and they will be done.

“However, at the moment we are just fighting fire the best we can.

“If it is any consolation the roads around Filey are better than anywhere in the patch and we will certainly do our best to keep on top of them.”

However Cllr John Haxby said he was concerned about the damage already visible on some repaired stretches of road.

He questioned Mr West if the council were actually using “liquorice” on the roads because the repairs kept coming out.

Mr West added: “Some of the repairs are weak where water has got into the joint and where the repairs have been made the roads have been made safe.

“A lot of potholes that we have repaired would have been better if we planed off the road and fully resurfaced but we do not have the funds.

“It is a national problem but in North Yorkshire we are better than most.”