Firefighters called out to flash floods

FLASH flooding in Filey on Wednesday evening ripped up cobbles and caused raw sewage to spew out from overloaded drains.

The bottom of Martin’s Ravine once again turned into a river and there were flooding hotspots throughout the town.

Firefighters were called out to six incidents, including flooding in a basement in Rutland Street and a conservatory in Muston Road. Portable pumps were used to clear the water in Scarborough Road, where a number of properties were affected.

According to Mike Cockerill of the Filey Flood Working Group, four homes at the bottom of Muston Road came within 25mm of being flooded by sewage when manhold covers came up.

Steve Eblet, who captured these images of Crescent Hill and Martin’s Ravine, said he saw a deluge of rainwater flowing over the top of the sea wall.

He said: ”There didn’t appear to be any damage here this time, but if the storm had continued for another half hour it could have been a major story once again, as many of the old flooding hotspots in town were starting to show signs of water build-up.”

Mr Eblet said he hoped the damage to Crescent Hill would prompt the county council to do a better job of repairing the uneven surface which has been a cause of concern for some years.

A county council spokeswoman said the surge in stormwater had resulted in a partial collpase of the road which was now cordoned off for safety reasons.

“We’re in negotiation with Yorkshire Water about the cause of the problem and will repairing the road,” she added.

Other affected areas included Filey School, the Parish Fields estate, Station Avenue, Station Road, Norman Crescent, the Wharfedale estate and Coble Landing.

An exhibition of flood alleviation equipment will be held between 3pm and 6pm on Monday at Station Avenue car park in Filey.

Red Cross funds have already been allocated to households affected by last summer’s floods and the display will be an opportunity for those residents and others to see what is available.

Filey Flood Working Group chairman Mike Cockerill said: “I’d certainly encourage people with any concerns to go along. At least they can do something to protect their own property while we’re still waiting for the mega-bucks needed to reduce the future risk of flooding.”