Fresh internet boost for town

FILEY is still on course for super-fast broadband internet coverage in a huge £2.5 billion scheme.

BT has confirmed the town will receive the improvements in Spring next year as work continues to facilitate connections for residents.

The move will see Filey become one of only four towns in Yorkshire to benefit from the fibre broadband project.

The deal was announced in January but a number of residents have since contacted the Mercury expressing concern at an apparent lack of progress.

However, a spokesman for BT said the scheme was fully on track to reach Filey next year, and said any perceived delays were due to the nature of such an elongated process.

He said: “It is still in the planning stage but we are on course.

“It may appear to be quiet at the moment but that’s not the case from the company’s point of view.

“We always announce such projects a year in advance simply because of the sheer amount of work involved in the process.

“This a major investment by BT and all of the background work has been done so progress is being made.

“We have a large team working on the project and it is very much still on schedule to come to Filey by Spring 2012.”

The scheme is the first time BT has included rural areas in a big broadband roll-out and came after an increase in customer demand.

Filey MP Anne McIntosh, speaking at the announcement of the deal, said it would be great boost for Filey residents and businesses.

She added: “I am delighted that nearly 4,000 premises served by the Filey exchange should be able to access super-fast broadband speeds.

“Having access to fast broadband is vital to rural areas, enabling businesses to be competitive and allowing people to enjoy the benefits open to others in better connected regions.”

Filey will join fellow Yorkshire towns Stocksbridge, Mirfield and Royston in the scheme.

However, BT has warned customers that a minority of users may not initially get the super-fast service due to technical and economic factors.