Get rid of seagulls the natural way

I do feel for people with the seagull problem.

I believe it is all a matter of territory. The seagulls are in the wrong place and to remove Filey's well-established colony of seagulls would take a long time and a lot of work and money. The nests would have to be removed every year.

The birds start to build them in May and then again in June, as the birds will return to build a second nest if their first one is destroyed.

It would be far better to have a deterrent in place from mid-February when the seagulls begin to pair up and this deterrent kept in place throughout the months until the end of August, covering the whole mating season from building nests to young birds.

The answer is to let nature do its work with a natural predator, no cull, no upset, much cheaper – an instant improvement in the situation.

Sledmere Game and Country Fair included a demonstration of how a trained falcon would clear rubbish dump sites of seagulls by circling above them and coming back to his trainer. We were told this took place every day. The rubbish dump sites were cleared just by their predator's presence.

A falconer could be employed and work from Country Park and train a falcon to fly over the Filey area once or twice a day from mid-February until the end of August.

The seagulls would get the message instantly.

There would be no way they would build nests or land on rooftops in clear view of their predator and they certainly would not rear young in his view.

Mrs SY Sargeant

Coxswain Close

Seadale Gardens