Greetham ready for Olympic adventure

Sam Greetham
Sam Greetham

Scarborough swimming supremo Sam Greetham is heading to Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday to oversee the aquatic sports at the 2016 Olympic Games.

The Scarborough Swimming Club head coach played a key role in making the London 2012 games a huge success, but he believes he faces a tougher challenge this time around due to pollution levels in the water in Rio.

He said: “I am in charge of the open water swimming and the triathlon sections at Copacabana Beach, making sure that the water quality is sufficient as the welfare of the swimmers is my concern, I also have to keep track of the pollution levels.

“The Olympics is an awe-inspiring event and will be a great experience for all the GB swimmers, although I believe a lot of them are still developing and are more likely to be reaching their targets in 2020 in Tokyo.”

Greetham was proud to be a part of the London Games, but has warned against the public expecting too much of the GB swimmers in Rio.

He added: “I think if we get anything more than three medals in the pool then we will have done very well, but the future is looking very bright for Tokyo as we have some great swimmers coming through the system.

“The knock-on effect of the Olympics in London seems to have boosted interest and more importantly participation in swimming, running and cycling, I think that the area we live in makes it even more attractive to take up these sports and families are doing a lot of these vibrant activities in the fresh air.”