Growth in waiting list for allotment plots

ALLOTMENTS are proving to be so popular that the number waiting to have one has shot up in Filey.

Filey Allotments and Garden Association now has 116 plots – with a waiting list of 22 compared with just two last year.

The figures have been revealed as the association prepares for its second annual show next week to celebrate its diamond jubilee.

The rise in popularity is being attributed to a combination of new homes having smaller gardens and the increase in television programmes devoted to the subject of gardening.

The allotments are also relatively cheap at Filey costing 8 a year plus 1 membership while in West Yorkshire they can be up to 30 a year.

"We have people of all ages from younger ones to those who are retired. The majority are probably middle-aged and more and more women are wanting allotments, too," said the associations chairman Mike Nesfield.

A half plot can measure up to 100 yards long by around seven yards wide.

"You cannot have a full plot while there is a waiting list," said Mr Nesfield.

So why do people like having them? "It is relaxing and it gives people pleasure.

"You can also have a good natter with the other people. It also gives you a bit of exercise while providing fresh fruit and vegetables you have grown yourself. It is a worthwhile achievement at the end of the day," added Mr Nesfield.

Even those who do not have an allotment can take advantage of the associations facilities.

By joining for 1 they can have access top the trading shop on the site off Muston Road and be able to buy goods at discounted rates.

The shop is open every Wednesday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm, Sundays 10am to noon and occasionally on bank holidays.

Next week's show will be on Wednesday and Thursday at St John's Church Hall in West Avenue, Filey.

Entries close at 10am on the first day but the hall will be open for the staging of entries between 6pm and 10pm on Tuesday and 8am to 10.30am on Wednesday.

Entries cost 20p per class but the junior classes are free. The show itself will be open to the public between 2pm and 5pm on Wednesday and 11am to 6.30pm on Thursday.