Gulls stealing food for need not greed

Disappointed at the councils reactions to nature at times.
Disappointed at the councils reactions to nature at times.

I am so disappointed at the council’s reactions to nature at times. Surely the seagulls are taking chips etc because of need not greed.

Aren’t we responsible for removing so much life from our seas? In fact, industrial fishing of fish, Antarctic plankton (down about 70%) and even tiny young ‘white bait’ (the fish of tomorrow) and much more could mean that even we will squawk for those creatures we enjoy so much.

I read that about a third of fish are dumped even before they reach the supermarkets, where at least another third is dumped.

Blue finned tuna used to be caught off the coast of Scarborough, the record being over 600lbs. Now you would be lucky to catch a six inch tiddler.

We need a global change of fishing policy because there are a lot more negatives. But locally we could start by putting some of the wasted fish on feeding points away from the town instead of destroying millions of years of perfection.

C Davison

Prince of Wales Terrace