Dismay at changes to pain relief treatment

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A HUNMANBY councillor has criticised a decision by health bosses to axe key services for vulnerable patients.

Cllr Harvey, who represents the Hertford Ward, has been left disappointed following the move to stop funding for epidurals and joint facet nerve blocks at Bridlington Hospital Pain Clinic.

He said: ‘I received a call from a resident who had been very happy with their treatment every three months over the last five years at the hospital.

“However, their appointment was cancelled by telephone at less than 24 hours notice.

“The day before they received a phone call to say it was cancelled but there was no letter and no explanation on alternative pain relief.

“This is unacceptable, the Primary Care Trust have already closed Hunmanby Clinic, and cut funding for a new doctors surgery in Hunmanby despite Hunmanby having some of the highest levels of chronic health problems in the country.

“Treatment is important, it is a way to often ease pain and look at other methods to avoid high use of pain killers that can have unpleasant side effects.”