Frustration over AWOL patients

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PATIENTS at Filey Surgery are wasting around two days of doctors’ time per month due to missed appointments.

The shocking statistic comes from a request made to Filey Surgery by the Mercury, and shows that on average, nearly 200 appointments at the centre are missed every month.

In August, 198 appointments were missed, with 196 missed in September and 192 missed last month.

Staff at the surgery say the pattern is consistent throughout the year, and that it will remain like that over the winter period, often the surgery’s busiest period due to seasonal illnesses and viruses.

Stan Dickinson, of Hunmanby, is a patient at the surgery, and recently had to wait ten days for an appointment.

He said no blame should be attributed to staff, who he said do a “wonderful job”.

However, he has taken issue with patients wasting resources and the valuable time of the staff, and believes stricter punishments are needed for culprits.

He said: “This is definitely not acceptable. I was not on death’s door so it was of no consequence to me but to others it could have an adverse effect.

“There are people in Filey and district who use this excellent facility, make an appointment and just fail to turn up.

“Inconsiderate and selfish are just two words that spring to mind although I can think of others.

“I have had to cancel an appointment in the past but when I ring and tell them the staff are most appreciative because it ‘frees up’ a slot in the system which can be taken up by someone in need.”

Practice manager Carolyn Liddle said: “It can be very frustrating when we are very busy and short of appointments and then have hours of doctor and nurse time wasted.

“Patients who do not attend for their appointments are wasting an NHS resource which is then not available for other people.”