Hisotry repeating itself

DOES history repeat itself? The Mercury seems to think so!

In the "20 years ago" column on November 17, "a 500,000 low-key leisure development on the Deepdene seafront site at Filey" is mentioned.

Scarborough Council's chief executive John Trebble put forward the scheme, which Filey mayor Cllr Michael Cockerill hailed as "victory" for the town council.

Where is it?

On the front page on December 1 "plans for a much-needed new sports centre for Filey are one step closer to realisation".

Cllr Mike Cockerill, chairman of Sport and Leisure in Filey Environs (SLIFE), which has been driving the project said it would cost somewhere between 3.5 and 5 million, (a large difference) with most of the funds to be raised through grant applications."

So the 250,000 that was glibly talked about in 1987 has escalated considerably. How much did you say Filey would have to pay?

"Although the facilities would be shared with the school, they would be managed by a completely independent body." What kind of independence? Independence with Scarborough Council at the helm?

Filey residents would like Scarborough Council to return all the assets as well as the revenue bases, toilets and tourism they took.

They can in return have the Evron Centre and councillors.

We would ask for the Government funds for the relief of the flood victims which was supposed to be available "for immediate effect", and considering the flooding occurred in July and it is now December, we should agree to get our priorities right.

A small portion of the contemplated expenditure, 1.5 million, may remove future floods in Filey and then we could build on what is known as solid foundations probably at less cost and with better logistics.

What is said about the older generation of this town?

Ah yes, 38 per cent would get a bus pass.

They would need it!

Who knows, when we have recovered from 30 years of neglect maybe we could apply different methods, achieve success, financially, speedily and with innovation.

J Robert Dyson

Langsett Avenue