Hoping to trace family in Filey

The T'oard Ship Inn in Filey.
The T'oard Ship Inn in Filey.

A man researching his family tree is asking for help from Filey residents after struggling to find out more about his connections to the town.

Mick Frankland and his immediate family used to stay with his mother’s relatives in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

They lived in a house just at the top of the steps going up from the cobbled landing.

There used to be an old pub called The T’oard Ship Inn and he remembers an old model ship on the outside porch of the establishment.

He said: “My mother’s uncle and his brother were Filey fishermen using the cobble boats and I remember them boiling the crabs.

“I think my aunt and uncle were called Frank and Annie but I’m not sure, and it’s these names in particular I am looking to trace to see where we all fit in.

“Another name springs to mind is an old fisherman called Rammy.

“He was always around so I assume he was related to me in some way. Apparently he was a bit of a character and well known in Filey.

“If there are still any family members in Filey or people who remember them I really would love to hear from them.”