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The week-ahead weather forecast for East Yorkshire and Ryedale with Trevor Appleton

Here is the week-ahead weather for East Yorkshire and Ryedale, predicted by local forecaster Trevor Appleton.

Meerkats in their enclosure at Flamingo Land.

View from the Zoo: Meerkats have lots of social interaction

At Flamingo Land we have two groups of meerkats. Our largest group is found in the Children’s Planet area and is made up of six individuals so they have lots of social interactions between the members of their group.

This is how witches are most commonly viewed today

The Yorkshire Witches: Mary Bateman, Mary Pannal and Mother Shipton

There are many stories which circulate the UK about historic witches who could perform magic, cast spells and create potions. Yorkshire has a rich past of tales about a few certain witches who forever carved their names in the history books.
Nestle factory.

Step inside the Easter egg factory

Have you ever wondered where Easter Eggs come from? Tim Worsnop tells the mouth watering story of one factory that produces literally millions of them every single year. Welcome to chocolate heaven!

Flat Cliffs in Filey.

Funding essential to preserve Yorkshire coast communities, says senior councillor

Multi-million-pound funding packages from the Government are vital in helping to protect communities on the Yorkshire coast, a senior councillor has stressed.

Yorkshire has a history of talented sporting women.

Eight Yorkshire sportswomen who set the bar high

The past few years have seen a rise in Yorkshire sporting stars, with athletes winning medals in competitions such as the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games.
When will Spring finally arrive?

Equilux or Equinox: When exactly will Spring start?

People usually define the arrival of Spring as point of daylight hours increasing and the weather improving.
The iconic Cow and Calf rocks on Ilkley Moor are thought to have been created by giants

Fee-fi-fo-fum: Yorkshire is the land where giants roam

Yorkshire isn't stranger to a curious myth or two, having been riddled with tales of witches, vampires and dragons living in its midst.
Part of the innovative Northern Forest, which is set to come to fruition in 25 years

The Northern Forest: All you need to know about the giant forest that will follow the M62 across the country

In January of this year, the UK Government unveiled plans for a new, innovative forest which will span the North of England, aptly named the ‘Northern Forest’.
Could we see some more snow across Yorkshire in time for the Easter holidays?

White Easter? More snow on the way and it could hit our bank holiday celebrations

Another icy cold snap is heading our way and could even result in many parts of the county experiencing a white Easter.

The week-ahead weather for East Yorkshire and Ryedale with forecaster Trevor Appleton.

The week-ahead weather for East Yorkshire and Ryedale with forecaster Trevor Appleton

Here is the week-ahead weather for East Yorkshire and Ryedale, delivered by forecaster Trevor Appleton.

Protesters were on the train tracks at Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Picture: PA Wire.

Manchester Piccadilly station reopens after protest 'on tracks' causes major disruption

Rail passengers faced hours of disruption after protesters on the tracks brought services to a standstill at one of the country's busiest stations.
Hetty recently celebrated her fifth birthday at Flamingo Land.

View from the Zoo: Bactrian camel numbers are on the decrease

Recently on February 25 one of Flamingo Land’s lovely Bactrian camels called Hetty turned five years old. She celebrated her birthday with Jessie and Khan.

Campaigners at Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Picture: PA Wire.

Yorkshire rail delays after 'protesters on train tracks' force closure of Manchester Piccadilly Station

Commuters are facing delays and a railway station has been forced to close after campaigners gathered on train tracks.
Martin Ellison is pictured with Cirrus managing director Daren Wallis.

New manager at Cirrus Research

Hunmanby-based noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research has appointed Martin Ellison as its new sales manager.

Gildercliffe, Scarborough. Image: Google.

Gas explosion at Scarborough house

FIRE crews were called to reports of an explosion at a house in Scarborough.
This outstanding snow photograph of Filey's seafront was taken by Tracey Roberts.

Filey becomes a winter wonderland

This stunning snow photograph reveals wonderful yellow hues from the sun after the ‘Beast from the East’ winter weather hit Filey last week.


Yorkshire weather: Warnings remain in place for much of the region but will there be any more snow in Leeds today?

Heavy snow flurries have caused widespread chaos on the Yorkshire roads this morning, with Leeds bearing the brunt of what is being called the 'Pest from the West'.


Yorkshire travel and weather: More snow blows in to cause rush hour chaos

Heavy early morning snow flurries are causing chaos on the Yorkshire roads this morning as the county prepares for another day of wintry showers.
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