Letter: Act now to save our Futurist Theatre

The Grand Hall at the Spa is not a theatre. It is a concert hall, and people in the last rows of seats cannot see the stage.

We need to keep the Futurist, and people need to support the group trying to keep it.

It will cost nearly as much to demolish as to save it. Also any thoughts on having the rollercoaster on that site are a no no. The level of noise from it will be more than likely above the noise pollution levels.

Also would any of the councillors want it on their back doorstep?

As things stand the council now needs to seriously commit to rescuing the Futurist, and bringing back the big shows.

We need a large theatre.

Everywhere else in the country theatres are being renovated - the Grand in Leeds, York Opera House, Wakefield, Sheffield.

Musicals and good comedy shows bring in full audiences.

So individual letters to the council are required.

If you care about our heritage and the state of the Futurist then please act now.

Mary Hellawell

Cross Lane