Letter: Action group’s call for support with initiative

Call to support initiative.
Call to support initiative.

Scarborough Disability Action Group is pleased to be working with Febreze on a new recycling fundraising initiative to enable previously non-recyclable air and home care products and packaging recyclable, while supporting good causes at the same time. From July 10 to August 31 pieces of air and home care waste are rewarded with double points during the contest period, meaning that each piece will be rewarded double points.

The group can earn double points earning twice the amount.

Most air and home care products and packaging waste are technically recyclable, the high costs of recycling these mixed plastics means the infrastructure to recycle the material isn’t available across the UK.

As a result this material often ends up in UK landfill.

The Air and Home Care Brigade run by Febreze is a recycling fundraising scheme. Scarborough Disability Action Group is able to recycle plastic air fresheners and plug-in refills, plus air, and home care product trigger heads, pumps and caps and flexible home cleaning wipe packs of any brand.

The group has collection boxes at the office in the street at William Street Coach Park. You can visit the website to see what you can recycle.

Ian Whitfield,



Disability Action Group

The Street

Lower Clark Street