Letter: Address issues with the seagull nests and the eggs

Attacked by herring gull.
Attacked by herring gull.

A lady I know, walking a friend’s dog up our street, was viciously attacked by a herring gull which severely scratched her scalp.

The lady became so distressed she fainted.

The gull was a parent at the time, protecting its young; in a sense, admirable as a parent, but far too distressing for us mere humans.

That was four or five years ago but other letters, yet still worrying experiences, have been observed.

Parenting gulls particularly dislike us walking our canine pets, it seems.

For the council to apply further netting but not deal with nests and eggs will just encourage the gulls to rear their offspring further inland on other’s chimney pots etc and in greater numbers as the breed increases.

I’m all for gulls at the seaside but our modern ways (often far from ideal or an improvement) have allowed them to escalate to an unmanageable level.

I would by happy if you could publish my remarks if only to promote better awareness of this problem which netting alone will certainly fail to address and will definitely not alleviate, to any degree, the problem whatsoever.

Ian Geldart

Granville Road