Letter: Amazing good deed by strangers

Grateful thanks for handbag find.
Grateful thanks for handbag find.

My wife and I live in Billingham, Cleveland, and on August Bank Holiday of this year, my wife lost her handbag on the North York Moors, near Pickering

On discovering this she left a message on the phone to ask people to contact her.

As she had got a new phone and had the number transferred, on October 18, after its two-month ‘holiday’, she received a telephone call from a couple to let her know that they had found it with all contents intact, right down to her phone and an unopened packet of cigarettes.

Bank cards, naturally had already been replaced, but the most precious thing was her phone, as it had photographs on it which were, naturally, irreplaceable.

After laying there for two months and the happening of two hikers passing by, who not only found the bag but also had the heart to let her know that it was found and actually post it to her, is a remarkable thing indeed.

They had re-charged her phone to get her number and took the trouble to let her know of the find.

Not only this, but because her driving licence was in the handbag, also took the trouble to actually mail it to her.

I suppose anyone else may have just handed it into the police or perhaps even kept the contents, but these two should really receive an award for the deed that they have done for a 60-year-old lady who went out of her mind with worry over the event.

I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Terry and Carol, for a year’s worth of good deeds all tied up in one little parcel.

Peter and

Maureen Charlton