Letter: Are there any councillors with foresight?

South Cliff bowls club
South Cliff bowls club

What devastating and short-sighted news that Scarborough Council is planning to force the closure of the Filey Road bowls club.

This from a council that should be doing everything possible to support all sporting and leisure activities - not getting rid of existing facilities.

Flat green and crown green bowls have been part of our English heritage for years before all of our lifetimes and are both wonderful games to play for all ages from bright youngsters right through to more elderly folk.

It is true that the game has seen a decline in player numbers in recent years, but there are now exciting things happening that are starting to encourage a resurgence in the enthusiasm for the game.

The old dowdy image is beginning to be replaced by a new bright and vibrant world where colourful bowls and playing strips are appearing all around. The equipment manufacturers are doing a fantastic job to produce exciting new products that are encouraging new and younger players to start playing the game. Against this background, Scarborough Council should be looking to support the creation of new bowling greens not destroying the existing ones.

Hopefully there are enough forward-looking councillors in Scarborough to both prevent the loss of the Filey Road facility and even look to promote and create new bowling opportunities for all to enjoy.

John L Catley