Letter: Can anyone fix our jukebox?

Plea for help in repairing juke box.
Plea for help in repairing juke box.

I own The King And Cask Scarborough on North Marine Road.

In our rock ‘n’ roll bar we have a 1964 Rockola Jukebox. It’s in need of repair and I’m looking for a local authority on the subject to help us get it working again.

We are raising funds in house to cover the cost.

Two weeks ago I lost my dad, he passed away in St Catherine’s Hospice.

In his memory I wish to help raise funds and thank the hospice for their remarkable care that they showed my dad and indeed us.

My dad was a very much loved husband, dad, grandad and great grandad.

Once the jukebox is working I am pledging every penny raised from it to St Catherine’s Hospice.

So I need a local person to help me fix the jukebox.

Through the paper, I hope I might be able to find that person. I can be contacted on 07738375263.

Thank you.

Mark Witherington

The King and Cask

North Marine Road