Letter: Can we expect a bus service to new sports facility?

Will a bus service be provided to new Sports Village.
Will a bus service be provided to new Sports Village.

I was wondering if there is any intention of providing a bus service to the new Sports Village just as the new service (number 12) and park and ride provision has been made for the Alpamare Water Park?

If so this should not just have a bus stop on Valley Road, but also go up to the Sports Village itself, as it is a long uphill walk particularly for the more senior members in the community.

This is a time when exercise activities for the over-50s has been identified as beneficial for health and wellbeing. It is also essential when recovering from injuries and surgery. The aim of keeping fit and active as we grow older, is promoted by various organisations and articles in the press.

The location of the new Sports Village makes this particularly difficult for members of the community who do not drive. I would suggest that a bus should run from the town centre, through Ramshill and up to the Sports Village.

This would make it accessible to people coming in from the Osgoodby, Eastfield direction, without having to go into town and would also be convenient for people living on the other side of Scarborough.

The tourists who visit Scarborough and wish to visit the sports centre and swimming pool, particularly in bad weather would also benefit from such a service.

I am member of the Health and Fun Club, currently at the Filey Road Sports Centre, which is for the over 50s and has a membership of over 70 people. For a number of these members, who do not drive, being able to attend the new Sports Village will be impossible given the present transport situation. This will also apply to those people who receive remedial help for injuries and recovery from operations at this centre.

I hope the relevant parties can discuss this and that one of the bus companies operating in Scarborough will make such a provision possible.

Sue Honeyman

Carlton Terrace