Letter: Celebrate our great county

Celebrate Yorkshire success.
Celebrate Yorkshire success.

Re the Commonwealth games 2018:

Following our successful Games, Harry Gration (BBC Look North) gave the fact that we (Yorkshire) came fourth in the list of medals won - after Australia, England, India, came Yorkshire.

Since then there has been a deathly hush, not a word in The Scarborough News?

Are we proud of Yorkshire or are we not? Come on lads and lasses, blow our own trumpet and let everyone know how well our athletes have done.

We had only one failure, Alistair Brownlee, damaging his leg (he was odds on favourite to win) and he came in about 10th, and his brother Jonny had a poor event and came in about sixth.

So let’s have some cheer and let all the other counties know how we feel.

On May 3, 4, 5 and 6 next week we have the Tour de Yorkshire, covering Beverley to Doncaster, Barnsley to Ilkley, Richmond to Filey and Scarborough and the final Halifax to Leeds.

It’s a mini tour de France.

There is a ladies race as well as men’s. If you have an old bicycle and able to paint it yellow and blue and put it high on your house, it would be great please. Also Yorkshire cricket is doing quite well.

Norman Brownridge

Holbeck Hill