Letter: Coins still an issue at Filey pay and display car park

Car park machine doesn't accept new 1 coins.
Car park machine doesn't accept new 1 coins.

For the past two weekends I have tried to use the two main car parks at each end of the town, one above the Brigg and the other near the golf course, Filey.

The pay and display machines do not accept the new £1 coins, how ridiculous.

The machines I tried wouldn’t accept the credit card either.

Rather than risk getting a parking fine I went to another resort down the coast.

What do you think is the legal position if one has the means to pay but the machine doesn’t accept it.

I’m not willing to be a test case but I’d like the council to clarify the situation please in case I’m tempted to come back to lovely Filey.

Kelvyn Cantwell

Badger Place, Sheffield