Letter: Digital viewing lacks vision

Problems with TV signal has been going on for several weeks.
Problems with TV signal has been going on for several weeks.

The peak television viewing period on Saturday (May 13) seemed to be affected by interference particularly about 7.30pm to 9pm mainly on ITV1 whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent and also later on BBC2 during Dad’s Army.

BBC1 did have some crackling interference - I don’t mean from the bad singing either - during Eurovision but not as severe as ITV1. It was very annoying.

This problem seems to have been going on for several weeks on Freeview channels, especially the Drama channel 20. About a month ago my mother wanted to relax and enjoy Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em and the programme consisted of clear images of the actors talking out of sync and crackling loud distortions for several afternoons. She sat watching Frank Spencer with the volume switched off entirely and reading the subtitles below, which were unaffected.

I have mentioned this to several people recently and they have queried if some repairs are going on at Oliver’s Mount transmitter. In the former upper Yorkshire Water Oliver’s Mount reservoir, someone queried if heavy plant machinery they were using was affecting the mast, particularly on afternoons. As they were not likely to be there on Saturday I dismissed this suggestion.

Reception seemed to be unaffected on all channels last night.

Years ago when motorbike racing was on or we had cross channel interference with the weather we accepted it, but I was led to understand digital would be perfect and distorted programmes were unlikely to happen.

Hope this helps, normally reception around Peasholm is excellent with clear sight lines of the mount.

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive