Letter: Don’t forget maps and the waymarkers

We never use private paths, as they are usually indicated by notices.
We never use private paths, as they are usually indicated by notices.

Re ‘Walk’ in The Voice of Scarborough (April 28).

We would like to thank Mrs Lasham for raising concerns over our recent walk linking Seamer to Irton villages.

For some considerable time we’ve endeavoured to discover the link from Irton, therefore resolved to explore from Seamer! Success?

We hope so, as there are obvious horse-tracks, and several ramblers and locals who know the area well, ensured we were on the right, well-used track! We never use private paths, as there are usually indicated by notices.

I can only suggest that readers follow the route in question and they’ll discover a number of waymarkers if they seek them. Or - purchase on Ordnance Survey OL27 for the North York Moors eastern area, and ignore any locally produced ‘old’ maps which are now out-dated in certain areas.

We used both, and the large 5in to one mile proved inaccurate in the vicinity of Seamer’s Ratten Row, and via the sewage works’ perimeter to The Holms! That proved very well-used and we met those who used it regularly. If in doubt, one can always link up along the footpath towards Havers, before heading north north west and then onto Goose Mire Lane.

I lived happily in Irton village from 1959 to 1963 and well recall what locals knew as an old station clock on the wall of Clock Cottage. Yes, a different one has been placed there since, so possibly the present owner placed it there if she used to collect clocks, as Mrs Lasham stated.

A farmer had placed a sign indicating ‘private’ at the end of Goose Mire Lane, but some irate person smashed it. Naturally, we avoided the route and selected the one alongside the woodland which was waymarked.

I do recall mention of the fatal train crash with a tractor at the crossing. I’m also aware of the old rail track heading to Carr Lane, East Ayton, but that doesn’t affect this route of course.

The Ordnance Survey map clearly indicates part of the dismantled railway continuing south east to Ratten Row. Yes, we explored that too, but it was irrelevant to our route. If only all farmers would kindly erect a simple sign to ensure walkers do follow accurate routes, it would save walkers considerable time and expense, and would prevent farmers’ private land being trampled across to seek correct public footpaths or bridleways.

Please remember, one can only rely on local OS maps and ramblers at the time. Changes may occur overnight of course. Happy walking.

Maureen and Michael Robinson

Malvern Crescent