Letter: Embrace the legendary Spa Orchestra

Scarborough Spa Orchestra
Scarborough Spa Orchestra

Scarborough has a lot to offer of which it can be justly proud.

Whilst on a family visit over the Bank Holiday weekend I was naturally drawn to the Spa and its wonderful Spa Orchestra.

The Scarborough Spa Orchestra continues to be the one attraction which sets Scarborough apart from other seaside resorts and, in my opinion, lifts it head and shoulders above the rest.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to spend a few hours each day in the company of these talented musicians.

The programmes were perfectly aimed at a holiday audience, the music being tuneful, light and accessible and presented with a grace and finesse that makes you want to hear more. I’m not sure that the good citizens of Scarborough and the holiday makers who regularly visit the town realise just how good the Scarborough Spa Orchestra is!

It is unique, there is nothing like it elsewhere in the UK, it gives almost daily concerts of an exceptional quality with a constantly changing choice of music of all kinds.

The orchestra’s ability to play music in such a variety of styles is staggering.

We often hear the phrase ‘something for everyone’, never was this more true than with the Spa Orchestra.

A Spa Orchestra concert is an entertainment, a feast of great music, a calm haven in an otherwise busy day, a chance to witness first-hand the collective and individual talents of 10 fabulous musicians, a voyage into a tradition that is uniquely British and an indulgence in sheer nostalgia where virtually every tune triggers a memory.

Contrary to what you might think their concerts are not just for ‘oldies’ or ‘music buffs’, the Spa Orchestra truly offers something for everyone of all ages and interests. We come to live, work or holiday in Scarborough for all sorts of reasons but chiefly because we love the town and its traditions.

As you make up your list each year of ‘what to do’ during the summer months don’t forget to include some concerts down at the Spa. Bring your friends, tell new visitors to the town, you won’t be disappointed. Hurry though, the 2016 season ends this week.

Embrace the Scarborough Spa Orchestra, be proud of it. It’s your orchestra!

Simon Kenworthy

(Musical Director, Scarborough Spa Orchestra 1992-2006)

Bergerac, France