Letter: EU leaflets should be clear and concise

As part of the Books by the Beach festival, I attended the Sunday newspapers’ review with Sir Vince Cable and Franny Boyle.

The EU Referendum was discussed. On returning home I delved into a memorabilia box for the ‘VOTE YES’ and ‘VOTE NO’ leaflets, delivered to all households in 1975, before the EEC Referendum.

The memory plays tricks. The leaflets were identical in presentation and I have always thought that they were sent out by HM Government.

On checking, this was incorrect. In fact, they were printed by two different campaign organisations and clearly marked ‘NOT by HM Government.’

There was also a HM Government ‘Vote Yes’ leaflet. Whatever the arguments for and against, the leaflets were clear, concise and could not be confused with other mail.

What a shame that this cannot be said for the information recently received for the 2016 EU Referendum Remain and Leave campaigns.

Expensive glossy brochures and wordy leaflets, all indistinct from junk mail.

The public would like to read and hear facts, but as Vince Cable said, “no facts can be provided, because the future is unknown.”

Without facts, both campaigns are using unsubstantiated claims to promote a fear of the unknown instead.

We do not always make the best decisions when using our emotions, rather than logic.

Rita Leaman

Carr Lane