Letter: Faith restored in people’s kind generosity

Thanks for generosity at card swap event.
Thanks for generosity at card swap event.

I want to, through your letters page, thank two caring and generous ladies that I met at the Lego Card Swap event on Tuesday afternoon.

They were very determined that I would not leave the ‘swap’ without having at least one of all the possible cards despite only bringing a few to exchange.

They organised their children and their children’s friends to find my missing cards. All the children, from Gladstone Road School, were polite and eager to run around cafe tables in a quest to find all the missing numbers.

One of the ladies, Christine, lent me her pen to check off the cards as they were found and both she and Lindsay the other lady, hunted through piles of cards with me.

The time I spent with them at their table lifted my spirits and restored my faith in people. They were generous with not only the cards, I left with my set complete, but also with their time and energy.

The children who helped and all the others dashing around were some of the nicest trainee adults I have ever met. Thank you Christine and Lindsay.

Claire Rose

Flat Cliffs