Letter: Faulty machine is ‘unwelcome’ sight for visitor

Unwelcome for visitors.
Unwelcome for visitors.

We all know Yorkshire people have a reputation for being a little on the mean side, but ripping off poor pensioners surely takes the biscuit.

Last week after arriving in Scarborough for the afternoon, I put a pound in a slot machine near the railway station to buy a street map of the town.

But the machine, which ironically had “Welcome to Yorkshire” emblazoned on it, kept my coin and gave me “nowt” (as you northerners like to say) in return.

Therefore, my wife, Mrs Garth, and I didn’t know which way to go.

No doubt the machine had not been deliberately rigged to take advantage of unsuspecting, innocent trippers arriving at the station.

But I must tell you that the whole experience left a rather bitter taste in my mouth.

Consequently, next year I have half a mind to go to Lancashire instead.

Charlie Garth

Bedford Street