Letter: Grandson the latest swoop gull victim

Grandson latest victim of swooping seagulls.
Grandson latest victim of swooping seagulls.

I have three reports of incidents and attacks by gulls. The attack on my grandson I reported to the council the day after it happened.

1) Last summer while shopping in the town centre, a gull ‘dropped’ on me. I had to come straight home. The clothes I was wearing had to be put in the dustbin, they were disgusting to clean.

2) A few weeks ago, a gull swooped down and stole my grandson’s sandwich. This took place in Vernon Road. My husband struck out at it with his walking stick. The gull then set about my husband.

My grandson was very upset and the gull’s beak had broken the skin on my grandson’s hand.

3) Only this weekend we witnessed the same thing happening to a young man, outside Wackers again. His sandwich was stolen by a swooping gull.

After the attack on my grandson, a woman stopped us and said the same had happened to her the previous week in the same place.

The town is dirty. We know people who refuse to come here to stay anymore.

L Beardsley