Letter: Great Daffodil Appeal

Appeal of help with Pickering collection.
Appeal of help with Pickering collection.

I’m the local community fundraiser for Marie Curie in Ryedale, and hopefully you’ll all be aware that we have our Great Daffodil Appeal coming up very soon.

The Pickering Street Collection is taking place on Saturday, March 10, and has the potential to raise between £700-£1,000 in just one day.

I’m on the lookout for someone who would be interested in looking after this collection.

After 35 years of looking after the collection in Pickering, Joy Baker, an ex-Marie Curie nurse, is taking a well-earned rest.

Joy started back when we were offering real daffodils for a donation, and she’s done a fabulous job of helping to raise thousands of pounds for our wonderful cause.

The role consists of being there on the day to greet the collectors, handing out all the kit they need to collect, and helping to count and bank the money at the end.

If anyone is interested in hosting this collection, please do get in touch as I’d love to hear from you.

Give me a call on 01904 755260 or 07850918828, or email me at Jennifer.carmichael@mariecurie.org.uk for more details.

Thanks so much.

Jen Carmichael

Community Fundraiser

Marie Curie