Letter: Gulls working in tandem to snatch food

Gulls work together to snatch food.
Gulls work together to snatch food.

Re the gull menace on Scarborough seafront:

My son in law and our two grandchildren aged 15 and 11 visited Scarborough during the last school summer holidays.

Whilst walking on the seafront on South Bay my son in law (who is 6ft 4in tall) bought my 11 year old grandson a baguette for his lunch.

He was eating this on the footway by the sea when a gull knocked into his head with its wing and another gull swooped down and pulled the baguette from his hand knocking it to the floor.

This naturally traumatised my grandson who now does not wish to visit Scarborough seafront again.

Also while I was waiting for my husband at the top of the cliff lift I noticed several gulls dive bombing a woman who had a dog on a lead, she did not have any food on show,

It is high time the local authorities act to reduce the number of gulls in the general holiday area.

Mrs D Nelson

Beech Drive