Letter: Harbour plane mystery solved

Mystery of boat plane in harbour solved.
Mystery of boat plane in harbour solved.

My grateful thanks to a reader of the Scarborough News who contacted me after reading my letter in the paper asking if anyone could throw light on a photo of a Biplane flying boat in Scarborough harbour in the nineteen thirties. Adrian Morris said he had been to a talk by renowned historian Stuart Leslie some 20 years ago in which this subject came up.

It was a Supermarine Scapa flying boat designed by R J Mitchell, the designer of the Spitfire.

It had only two engines and one had malfunctioned causing it to land off our shoreline. It was towed into our harbour for repairs to be made.

The Scapa served in RAF service between 1935 and 1938 so it would have been between these dates when the photo was taken in our harbour.

Malcolm Smith,