Letter: Hundreds will be affected by loss of toilets

Dismay at the loss of the toilets on Marine Drive.
Dismay at the loss of the toilets on Marine Drive.

I noted with dismay the loss of the toilets on Marine Drive. Myself and my family have used these toilets many times over the years and noticed the hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of locals and visitors who have used them especially at weekends and holiday time. There were ladies, gentlemen and a disabled toilet.

There are so few toilets now, and as visitors thronged at Easter weekend – many regular visitors – what a shock when they arrived and parked on Marine Drive and needed a toilet for their children ... to find the toilets demolished.

Some will have travelled for hours, and thought they could go to the toilet there.

There used to be a continuous stream of people using this very important facility, also walkers too, as the toilets were situated right in the middle of Marine Drive. Where do all these people go now?

Disabled people need easy access, many won’t be able to use turnstiles, especially if in wheelchairs.

Lots of folk parked on Marine Drive and stayed for hours – they won’t now!

There is little enough parking at holiday time. Shame on the council not to consider locals and visitors in removing these well used toilets.

Yvonne Allen-Dunford

Knipe Point Drive