Letter: Lifeguards deserve recognition

Lifeguard's actions deserves recognition.
Lifeguard's actions deserves recognition.

I was on the North Bay beach when I witnessed a young lifeguard go to the aid of a group of young men who were on the rocks at low tide.

They seemed to be unaware that the tide was rapidly coming in behind them, cutting off their return to the beach.

This young lifeguard blew his whistle for some time before they finally noticed and he was able to guide them to the beach. However it seems there was still someone out of sight on the rocks.

The lifeguard waded out to the rocks until he managed to attract his attention, but it seemed he was reluctant to be rescued.

The lifeguard stayed with him in the cold, waist high water for some time until another lifeguard arrived to help.

I feel that the actions of the lifeguards (on Sunday April 30,) possibly saved five lives and hope that they receive some recognition.

Jean Cooper

Front Street

Bramham, Leeds