Letter: Meetings are descending into chaos

Council meetings have descended to new lows.
Council meetings have descended to new lows.

As a regular in the public gallery at Scarborough Borough Council meetings, the past two council meetings have descended to new lows.

At the start of the Extraordinary meeting of No Confidence in the cabinet and its leader, each cabinet member and the leader and his spouse stood to individually state that they had sought and received special dispensation to vote for themselves!

Twice the public in the gallery responded to proceedings by applauding the opposition. As the public are required to remain silent at all times, the second response was met with anger by the mayor, losing the dignity of his office, and police were called to clear the gallery. It used to be that councillors were honoured to “serve” the public. Not any more. We remained in place and the meeting resumed, with the mayor denying the opposition the right to speak and going straight to the vote.

At Monday’s council meeting, Labour leader Cllr Siddons requested to raise a question on that previous meeting but was refused and told to sit down, repeatedly. Cllr Randerson also requested to speak but was told no, sit down. Clearly democracy was absent in that chamber and quite rightly several councillors left the meeting.

I left the meeting early, unable to listen to any more of the cabinet’s reports on what a great job they do, as is usual; speaking of themselves for themselves.

Sadly, Scarborough’s place in ‘Rotten Boroughs’ is assured.

Daphne Barr

Prince of Wales Terrace