Letter: My father is pictured in old police photo

Scarborough Borough Police March 1947
Scarborough Borough Police March 1947

I refer to Thursday ‘Flashback’ of June 23. My late father, Arthur Taylor (second row, second left) is in the photograph of Scarborough Police 1947.

My father, originally from Leeds, joined the police in 1938, soon after joined the Royal Navy and after the war in 1945 returned to the police. In 1950 he joined the CID as a detective constable.

Following the force joining the North Riding Police we moved around quite a lot, sometimes much to the objections of myself and my sister Jane.

In around 1964 my father was promoted to detective chief inspector and moved back to his beloved Scarborough from Redcar. He retired in 1974, due to ill health and died in 1979 aged 62 years.

He had many friends in the force, particularly some of them pictured ... Mr Websdale, Dennis De Tute and Alan Goldsborough.

Sue Taylor

High Mill Drive