Letter: National headline was no surprise

Low pay mean pay headline was no surprise.
Low pay mean pay headline was no surprise.

As a borough councillor in opposition, these national headlines naming Scarborough as the local authority with the lowest mean pay in the whole of the country sadly came as no surprise to me.

I live in my ward, I meet people in need and I know that we now have a large number of our residents who live in relative poverty. What a disgrace! I could cite numerous examples of great people in our town who come to me for help, they are literally at their wits’ end – housing problems, mounting debt, child and social care issues. I could go on.

For council leader Bastiman to claim that he already “lives in the best place in the world” is an insult to those who struggle on pathetically low pay and its inevitable consequences.

Why do we have food banks?

Why do we have serious mental health issues?

Why do our children not achieve? Furthermore, local MP and Government Minister Robert Goodwill was quoted as giving us this reassurance, “we are moving in the right direction…the sort of money that people working in the mining sector, not just their own salaries but also the trickle-down – they’re going to be buying new cars … going to some of the best restaurants ... buying new kitchens.”

Potash is welcome, but will not solve our problems. Please stop the illusion. Dependence on low paid, seasonal work will not vanish overnight.

The reality is, that in the rural hinterland, the pertinent questions are: Why are we so poor? What can be


Firstly, in our area, we suffer from a lack of connectivity, transport services and technology.

What we deserve is an economic plan, proper consultation, proper respect for the views of our people.

This will inevitably give us an economic plan with vision, recognised transport worth the name, greater connectivity, health services, education and training, housing and social services to be proud of.

Cllr Rob Barnett


Esk Terrace, Whitby