Letter: Need for more sensitivity

Isnt it time we were sensitive to the public needs.
Isnt it time we were sensitive to the public needs.

I was pleased to see the letter from Reg Taylor (Letters, April 27) drawing attention to the removal of the public toilets near the skateboard park on the Marine Drive – a facility much used by locals all year round.

When visitors have driven long distances to park on the Marine Drive, to say nothing of essential facilities for the skateboard amenity, the unpleasant consequences of the lack of public conveniences in this area will soon be upon us. Not an experience you would ever wish to revisit.

In the coaching days of the early 19th century it is said that the rear wheels served that purpose, being out of sight of the other passengers and no doubt a stopping place would be found offering a degree of privacy.

None of this is applicable to the 21st century Marine Drive or visitor expectations and one assumes the subsequent passage of local by-laws would anyway outlaw such Dickensian scenes.

It is perhaps not unreasonable, therefore, to ask at this juncture with the high tourist season nearly upon us, for the urgent provision of quality temporary toilets in this place pending the building of first class permanent facilities as befits this beautiful resort or, heaven forbid, is the enforcement of relevant bye-laws to be waived ?

The public are, by and large, sensitive these days to the need to prevent their dogs fouling the streets and grass verges. Isn’t it time we were sensitive to the public need before some unfortunates find themselves having to set dogs a bad example?

Freddie Drabble
Scalby Road, Scarborough