Letter: No harm in honouring loved ones

The loved ones have paid for the grave.
The loved ones have paid for the grave.
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Re council to crackdown on grave memorials:

I can understand where trees are being planted and the damage it may cause to graves, but what I don’t see the harm in is people putting plants around a grave so long as they look after it.

Or do I see the harm in putting lights on a grave, and toys, more so on a child’s grave, and after all the loved ones have paid for the grave.

Look at Dean Road and Manor Road Cemetery for many years it was like a disused stone yard, but thanks to the Friends of Dean Road and Manor Road, we have seen a lot of work take place, with thanks to Rodger Burnett and Sheila Johnson and the Scarborough Community Payback, have put a lot of work into making it look like something like a cemetery.

If you go to Germany at night time in all the cemeteries, even the British war graves, a night light is lit out of respect at the foot of each grave.

I am pretty sure our councillors have more things to worry on than that of plants and lights around a grave of a loved one. I could name more than one or two things if they need something to look at.

John Bradley


North Yorkshire