Letter: Older people deserve better

Older people deserve better.
Older people deserve better.

From the publication of the manifesto from the party most likely possibly to form the next government, it appears that once again an opportunity has been lost to properly address the social care crisis blighting this country.

Despite being told from all sectors that social care needs root and branch reform to end the plight of more than 1.2m people going without the care they need, social care is still viewed as a Cinderella service.

As Sir Andrew Dilnot commented, the latest proposals will not address the dire need for long-term better funding and ironically might put people off seeking care in their own home because they will now fear having to sell their home to pay for it. People needing care will still face the prospect of losing a huge proportion of their estate, even if it is now after they have died.

Older people deserve better.

Mike Padgham,

Managing Director,

Saint Cecilia’s Care Services

Eastfield House

Eastway, Eastfield