Letter: Parked cars causing mayhem for bus drivers

Hospital bus should be given priority.
Hospital bus should be given priority.

Having moved to Scarborough in 2002 it was particularly important that I lived near Scarborough Hospital because of my health. Fortunately, I was able to find a bungalow near Hovingham Drive bus stop which was ideal for the hospital and also for shopping in the town.

In the past two weeks, however, I have been unable to use the No.10 bus because I am told that the bus sometimes cannot come around Hovingham Drive to my bus stop, because car parking in Hovingham Drive is stopping the buses from getting through and sometimes the bus drivers are finding different ways to avoid Hovingham Drive to get to the hospital.

It appears that some car drivers are not prepared to pay for the use of the hospital car parks and we, who have bus passes, are unable to use them. There seems also to be some reluctance on the powers that be to put yellow lines on the streets near the hospital.

Surely the hospital bus must be given the main priority for road users.

I understand from my hospital appointment letters that if I fail to attend my appointment I will be discharged from its care.

The question I ask is: Why the reluctance to put yellow lines on these streets?

Car owners visiting the hospital should use the car park provided for them so that non-drivers can use their bus passes.

Edna Oxley

Coverdale Drive