Letter: Proposals may spoil natural beauty of area

Any large development would be an unwelcome intrusion.
Any large development would be an unwelcome intrusion.

Last Thursday’s Scarborough News asked readers what they would like to see on the former cafe site at Royal Albert Drive.

A small scale development including cafe and public toilets occupying an area no larger than that occupied by the former buildings would be a welcome addition to facilities in that part of Royal Albert Drive.

Conversely, the scale of the development being pursued by the borough council, and needing a half acre site, mainly of public open space, would be an unwelcome intrusion in the natural landscape of the foot of the castle hill, spoiling stunning coastal views.

Furthermore, the detrimental impact on the recreational value of the public open space would extend beyond the area lost to development.

It is questionable whether the financial gain from the council’s proposals could be adequate compensation for the damage to the visual and recreational amenities of Scarborough’s North Bay.

Vernon Forshaw

Castle Road