Letter: Researching the missing steam trawler Doris Burton

Appeal for information on missing steam trawler, Doris Burton.
Appeal for information on missing steam trawler, Doris Burton.

I have been doing lots of research on the missing steam trawler, Doris Burton, that sadly went missing in the North Sea in 1914.

The fishermen on the Doris Burton were mainly from Hartlepool, Scarborough and surrounding areas. The vessel was built in Aberdeen and on November 21, 1914, they left Aberdeen to

Hartlepool but never made it. Sadly, they were never found and nothing was heard from them again. I would like for your readers to get involved:

•Are there any relatives of the missing men that could help me in my research?

•Does anybody have stories that have been told to them about the Doris Burton? Small and seemingly insignificant details to one person might be hugely informative to myself.

•Does anyone know anything about 115ft steam trawlers? This is the size of the Doris Burton.

•Can anyone give me some information on what life was like back in World War I in the North East port towns?

Another question I would appreciate your readers being asked is if anyone has any reasonable objections to me writing this story, and if so could they contact me so we can talk to each other?

My intention with this story is to be as accurate as possible with the facts that I discover in my research.

There will be some dramatisations here and there as there is still so much we do not know about Doris Burton.

I would be very grateful for any information given to me as this book is a tribute to the brave men who lost their lives on the Doris Burton - and their surviving families - and also to the men and women who have come before and after them who continue to do a brave and difficult job. I can be contacted on 07946949200.

Mark Quinn

Old Lane