Letter: Search for a social history building

Appeal for help
Appeal for help

I am hoping to put together a Scarborough social history building and maybe acquire charity status for it.

I am at this moment getting together a group of trustees to help run and maintain the group, the whole purpose of the group is to library archive and display through items, old photographs and record the history of buildings long since pulled down and the people long since gone whom have made this town what it is today.

I am only well aware there is a maritime centre and rightly so, but I personally think (and I do not think I would be alone in this thought) that this great town is so much more than that. It would be great to preserve this town’s long and varied social history for future generations to come, I am working together with the development side of Scarborough Borough Council who have offered to help me maybe get the charity status I want to achieve and help with an exhibition/display for the town to see, though cannot help me with a building, where is in my problem, and why I write this letter. Without a building to house and exhibit and show Scarborough’s social history to the town and visitors. So if anyone could help or at least want to hear what I am trying to achieve that would be very much appreciated...a Scarborough library archive of social history. Any help or information on how to receive additional help, I can be contacted at waynemurray73@hotmail.co.uk

Wayne Murray

Trinity Road