Letter: Solutions to ease congestion would be costly

Two solutions to solve Seamer Road park and ride under use would cost money.
Two solutions to solve Seamer Road park and ride under use would cost money.

The Park and Ride figures show that Filey Road outperforms Seamer Road each year, even though the largest volume of traffic into Scarborough probably uses Seamer Road.

That Filey Road has a stretch of bus lane would certainly influence people in their choice of a quicker route to town.

Two solutions to Seamer Road underuse would cost money, but would ease congestion by encouraging use of the Park and Ride.

Seamer Road can accommodate a bus lane from the Park and Ride to just short of the retail park, but to make it effective to Queen Margaret’s junction the road would need to be widened on the retail park side, which would be expensive.

An alternative would be to bridge the railway to the back of The Mere and widen the road to Queen Margaret’s with a bus lane.

The bus would then continue to Filey Road and town.

Thinking “outside the box” and getting rid of polluting buses would be the construction of a tram system.

A tram could be routed from the station (spare platform) and use the railway with pull in stop at the football/retail park, then on to Park and Ride, an extension up to Eastfield and Overdale would keep year round use viable.

Of course this would cost millions and with today’s budget constraints would be impossible. Could well have attracted an EU infrastructure grant, but of course Scarborough voted to leave.

Tom Farrell

Lairs Lane