Letter: State of hotel gives wrong impression

Britannia Hotels does not seem to be taking basic care of the Grand Hotel.
Britannia Hotels does not seem to be taking basic care of the Grand Hotel.

Further to The Scarborough News article Call for action on problem sights and the reference to the state of the Grand Hotel, Scarborough:

There are signs outside the hotel encouraging visitors to have a look around.

Twice in the past two months I have taken my visitors to have a look around.

On the first occasion the smell of ammonia from the bird droppings on the ledge below the main balcony was overpowering. It was unpleasant to sit nearby.

On the second occasion, more recently, we walked out again on to the balcony to discover that a rotten window ledge on the glassed area as you step out was hanging off from the rotten frame.

Is that really what they want visitors to see?

Britannia Hotels does not seem to be taking basic care of the building.

How long is it now since sections of the wonderful spiral waste pipes on the front of the building have been missing?

At least 18 months to my knowledge.

The Grand has to be among the largest single gull nesting sites in the town.

There are no signs that Britannia has even attempted to do something about it.

Also on a broader front, taking out a few hundred gulls when there have been thousands of chicks born this summer has not affected the population at all. Three chicks were born on the chimney at the rear of my house and it’s a similar story all around me in the Old Town. The new signs that have gone up to discourage visitors from feeding the gulls has made little difference and they probably won’t until it’s passed as a byelaw and people are fined for doing so. However, it’s not just visitors that feed the gulls...

I know of a number of locals that feed them on a daily basis.

The council say that they expect businesses to take steps to net their buildings or install bird spikes. How can they expect anyone to take them seriously with the current state of the Town Hall. The may have nets up but it’s not been spiked properly and the droppings down the walls are a disgrace.

I hope you continue to press for improvements as that will be a benefit for residents, businesses and visitors.

I have only been living in Scarborough for just over a year but the overriding impression I get is one of complacency.

It’s so important for Scarborough to give the right messages to its visitors because...as they say... You only get one chance to make a first impression.

John Fewlass

Princess Street