Letter: Success can be achieved if we work together

We need to demonstrate that we have confidence in our borough.
We need to demonstrate that we have confidence in our borough.

The experiences of the two recent meetings of the borough council in the past 10 days has under-lined the importance of good communications and the value of the council to have confidence in itself as the quest to further its aspiration to attract investment progresses.

Over many years the council has operated through consensus between the political groups and even in the past nine years of austerity the confidence in our borough has been demonstrated with investment by a catalogue of business enterprises - Sheffield International Venues in Scarborough Spa, Coventry University, Premier Inn, Travel Lodge, Benchmarks, Alpamare, as well as government, English Heritage, EU, Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, North Yorkshire County Council and the former Yorkshire Forward.

Each, and many other organisations, have had confidence in this borough and the council, run under both the main political parties over the years.

We need to demonstrate that we have confidence in our borough. There are potentially significant long term opportunities. This week we shall see a meeting of movers in the business and political worlds coming together to launch a major initiative to spend £250m on upgrading the A64.

This will lead to many hundreds of new jobs and significantly boost the Yorkshire Coast economy.

The vote of No Confidence, which was rightly rejected at last week’s council meeting, would have been an own goal for our borough and its residents.

Instead we as a council need to explore ways of working together with the business world, the many voluntary organisations and our residents as a whole. Through such vision I believe we can achieve success and generate even more confidence in our borough’s future.

Cllr David Jeffels

Town Hall

St Nicholas Street