Letter: Thank you to our wonderful volunteers

Thank you to all our volunteers.
Thank you to all our volunteers.

During National Volunteer Week, St Catherine’s held four volunteer summer celebrations to thank their volunteers for the time and support they give to the organisation.

We want all our volunteers to know how special they are and how their support and time is at the heart of St Catherine’s being able to offer dedicated care in our area.

Giving your time up to help others in need, especially on a regular basis, is a huge commitment and something we feel needs to be celebrated and recognised.

St Catherine’s volunteers come from varying backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience and skills into the organisation.

Whatever the reason you would like to volunteer, whatever the skill may be that you can offer there will be a department, patient or family member that will benefit greatly from your time.

St Catherine’s is always looking for people to join their ever expanding volunteering team, for information

on current vacancies head to www.saintcatherines.org.uk/volunteer for more details.

Mike Wilkerson,

chief executive,

St Catherine’s Hospice

Throxenby Lane