Letter: The cabal that needs to be more engaged

Futurist Theatre
Futurist Theatre

No doubt you will have received a large number of letters condemning Scarborough Council for their decision to bulldoze the Futurist theatre to oblivion.

Equally, I am sure there are a great many who don’t care either way.

I can understand that because I feel exactly the same way about football and a football pitch.

However, I also recognise that footballers have every right to support their interest and promote their game in the town and have the facilities to do that.

Theatre lovers also have an equal right to fight for their own interest in theatre, ballet and performing arts and to have the same access to facilities to enjoy their choice of entertainment too.

The choice for the council seems to me straight forward and fair to all and I would hope that many ratepayers would agree. There is room and support (including some councillors) for both in this town and this is confirmed in my discussions.

Are we going to continue with a small cabal suiting their interests and spend our taxpayers’ money to do that?

Or are we going to re-instate local government democracy and allow the people to have their say and to be listened to by those whom they elected to represent them.

Patricia David,

campaign leader,

Save the Futurist

Filey Road