Letter: Why can’t any public views be heeded?

Councillors simply dont care what the public want.
Councillors simply dont care what the public want.

We have confirmation of what we already knew - councillors simply don’t care what the public want.

Cllr Derek Bastiman has acknowledged that the council is aware of the public’s feeling regarding public toilets - but still the council is intent on closing more of them.

Cllr Andrew Jenkinson thinks providing portable toilets on Marine Drive is ‘a step backwards’.

How on earth can providing an essential service be a step backwards? I despair.

Alas, the closure of the Holbeck Clock toilets must also ring the death knell on the lovely putting green for it will be impossible to man the putting green for six hours a day with no facilities.

There is still time for the council to rethink this decision - let’s hope common sense prevails.

Mrs M Sykes

Hall Park Grove