Letter: Will UK still receive the same deals?

Will UK still receive same deals?
Will UK still receive same deals?

We have heard a considerable number of “experts’” views on the decision to leave the European Union but none have given us the real back ground.

I do not profess to be an expert myself but I have 22 and a half years RAF service, which I terminated in November 1969, and particularly since then, I have travelled considerably in other countries where I was not allowed to go while in the RAF.

The original Common Market was an excellent idea but Germany and France decided that they wanted more countries in it and eventually it became the EU which is considerably different.

The HQ was situated in Brussels in Belgium and eventually the UK joined it, although the French General de Gaulle, who had become their president, opposed us.

I have visited Romania several times and on one occasion noticed a large gasometer affair in Brasov which I was told contained the town’s water supply.

The EU had paid for it and also paid to make the 100 mile road from Bucharest to Brasov into a motorway and generally helped to improve that country’s infrastructure sufficiently for them to apply to join the EU and receive even more handouts.

My information came from a very reliable source. I have holidayed there 17 times since the 1970s and know several important men who should know the situation.

Russia built a large gas storage system close to St Petersburg in the 1990s and ran a pipe from it along the Gulf of Finland and through part of Holland to supply the UK with gas.

Now that we have left the EU will this arrangement continue? My information on that occasion came from my old friend Colonel Vlad Bubnov whose wife at that time was a police colonel and was their chief financial advisor.

From 1953 to 1955 the Panmunjon Peace Talks took place to come to some agreement between North and South Korea.

Vlad was the Russian delegation’s English interpreter; his father was a general of engineers during World War Two.

Most of us recall the Margaret Thatcher era when she closed down many of our coal mines and sold UK’s best assets to her rich friends who in turn sold them to France and Germany so that we depend on them for several commodities.

Consequently we have to pay considerably more than the French and Germans do for access to them.

Charles Agar

The Grove